Saturday, March 14, 2020

10 Top Paying Part Time Jobs In Respective Fields -TheJobNetwork

10 Top Paying Part Time Jobs In Respective Fields -TheJobNetwork Think part-time jobs are all for waitresses and bartenders and the nice people who fold your clothes in retail stores? Think again. Some are highly specialized and very well-respected in their respective fields. Here are 10  top paying part time jobs  that don’t require full-time hours. TranslatorA qualified translator can make about $50 per hour. All you need is a fluency with a particular language and a good grip on grammar, style, and syntax. If you prefer the security of working through a third-party staffing service, you’ll probably make less, maybe $20 an hour, but can easily work on your own time.Personal TrainerThis is another example of a job with $50 an hour potential. If you’re into fitness and have some skills and knowledge to offer those who aren’t, consider taking on a few clients. You can specialize in particular sports, Pilates, yoga, skiing, boxing, or just general fitness.ShrinkOkay so you need at least a master’s degree, but y ou can really tailor your schedule and your life however you see fit. Work with children, couples, or twentysomethings. Be a life coach or a therapist or a social worker. And rake in anywhere from $45 to $150 an hour.Nonprofit ExecutiveYou have to know something about nonprofits, plus whatever cause you’re working for. But these jobs are typically not full-time and, for a talented candidate with experience, can earn up to $50 an hour.Freelance WriterEspecially if you cover any particularly specific market- tech or niche subjects- you might just be able to eke out a career. The average hourly rate for freelance gigs is $33 an hour, but can go as high as $75.Occupational TherapistFor between $30 and $50 an hour, you can help get someone back on their feet after surgery or injury- in either a hospital or private setting- for however many hours each week you like.Adjunct ProfessorEven without making the trek to a campus to teach a course or two per semester, you can make up to $7 0 per hour. This is particularly appealing now that there is such an increase in online course availability- and demand for instructors.Speech PathologistTop people in this field make as much as $60 per hour helping people with vocal disorders, and setting their own schedules.MasseurWork in any setting you prefer- whether at a fancy spa or making house calls with your portable table. Make your own hours (and aromatherapy blends), and rake in up to $60 an hour.Software DeveloperFor $30 to $60 per hour, you can develop applications, engineer software, etc. And you can work in your pajamas.  These  top paying part time jobs are only a few there are many more out there. Good luck!

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